Sugar Face Dogs – Senior Dog Care

“Sugar face” is a term of endearment for senior dogs.
Their white snouts are like a frosting of sweet sugar – a sugar face!

Sugar Face Dogs – Full Service Senior Dog Care

is a  unique, boutique, professional  full service dog care business

caring for sweet, old dogs in Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley, CA
(as well as the San Francisco Bay Area but you’ll have to come to Oakland!)

Gentle physical, mental and social enrichment – walks, exploration, play, and interaction – is central to my approach, all within the limits of your pooch, of course. Naps punctuate the day but we find more fun things to do when we wake up!

Sugar Face Dogs – Senior Dog Care is


City of Oakland Business License


Bonded by Business Insurers of the Carolinas


Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas


Filed business name – “Sugar Face Dogs – Senior Dog Care” – with Alameda County

Background Checked
I am Vaccinated & Boosted

Vaccinated and fully boosted against Covid-19 and seasonal flu


Sugar Face Dogs – Senior Dog Care

was started in February 2023 by me

Allysyn Kiplinger

(I’m a sugar face, too, by the way!)
(and you might notice that I walk with a W-o-B-b-L-e)


by my 25+ years of having my own 11 old dogs (RIP).

I care for your dogs in my home where I’ve lived since 1995 near Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California.
It has cottage gardens that are eclectic and casually, not formally, maintained.
There is a certain “wabi-sabi” to it all.
My home and I are drug, alcohol, and smoke free.